From the Archives

Here’s a quick tour of some of the post popular posts from Polysingleish!

 Navigating Non-Escalator Relationships or- “So, you’re in a non-escalator relationship- now what?”

The Perfect Poly Person Recognising and managing your inner poly perfectionist.

Compassion, Communication, and Community in Consent Culture What role does Consent Culture have to play in creating community, and how do we approach consent with compassion?

Pokemon Polyamory How scarcity vs abundance mentalities create different motivations for seeking polyamory.

Polynormativity and The New Poly Paradigm Creating new models of poly relationships to combat the media perpetuated poly normative, couple-centric structure.

The Compersion Conundrum How honesty and communication are the key to avoiding jealousy and manifesting compersion.

Polysingleish Interviews Franklin Veaux, Part 1: Being Poly M interviews well known blogger and polyamory advocate Franklin Veaux.

Polysingleish Interviews Franklin Veaux, Part 2: Sex and Boundaries M and Franklin discuss the relationship between the Kink and Poly communities

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