About Me

Hi! Welcome to Polysingleish! Thank you so much for taking interest in my blog. My name is Mel. I’m a queer woman in my 30s and I live in British Columbia, Canada.

For a while, I struggled to describe my attitude and approach to polyamory. I didn’t mesh with the couple centric, polynormative majority that I kept encountering again and again. I decided to find my own approach to ethical non-monogamy. At last, I had the eureka moment I had been yearning, and this blog was born.

This blog was created to chronicle my adventures in an ethical, non-monogamous, and anarchic love-style. Please check out the other sections of the blog, and the links on the side.

Ultimately, this blog is about expanding the definition of who I might be. And maybe expanding the definition of who you might be too.

Please feel free to share this blog and any articles with your poly or poly curious friends. I welcome comments, debates, and your own experiences.

You can also follow the blog on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/polysingleish or request to join the facebook group Solo Polyamory which I co-founded and co-moderate. You might also enjoy this article from Psychology Today on the nature of Solo and Singleish Polyamory.

If you are interested in relationship advice and coaching from me, please check out my professional website, Radical Relationship Coaching.


16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I would prefer spelling it “singlish”. Like “English”. English spelling is a crazy affair to begin with. No need to introduce another word with a dual vowel.

    • Thanks for the feedback Matthew. I played around with the spelling a bit. With a passion for music and vocals, I can’t help but read that as sing-lish, like, I like singing a lot? So I chose to keep that pesky extra vowel for better clarity and visual recognition of the word ‘single’. Hope you are enjoying the rest of the blog!
      Hrm, now I feel like singing! Laaaa!

    • Singlish is already a word for a language which exists. I think because of this, she should keep the “e”.

  2. Love the blog! Great stuff!

    I’m releasing a new segment of my blog’s “Taboo Tab” (http://shaunanagins.com/the-taboo-tab/) on the “Sex, Lies, and Storytime” theme, and I would be very interested in seeing what you would write on this subject. Take a look at the project, and let me know if you’re interested! I’m taking submissions into consideration until March 15th.

  3. Hi! Glad to know there are others out there blogging about this. I might link to my OKCupid profile. I describe myself as “Mostly Single”. 🙂

  4. […] auf diese soziale Identität speziell in Beziehungen zu achten, ausformuliere, muss ich noch die Definition von „singleish“ auf der Webseite von Polly ins Deutsche übersetzen, die beschreibend für das „solo“ in Solo Polyamorie […]

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