Further Reading

Solo Polyamory Recommended Reading

Solo Poly, by Aggie Sez
most especially, I recommend her piece “Riding The Relationship Escalator- Or Not”

Psychology Today article on Solo Polyamory, by Dr Elizabeth Sheff

Solo Polyamory- Isn’t That Just Dating? from The GoodManProject

The Joy Of Polyamory, by Anne Hunter

Non-Hierarchical Polyamory

The Problem With Polynormativity, by Sex Geek

More Than Two, by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert***



*** I recommend More Than Two with hesitation. Franklin’s work is undoubtedly ground breaking, and has helped many people. More Than Two is one of the few books that talks about polyamory from a non-hierarchic perspective. However, my own personal interactions with his partner and co-author, Eve, have colored my opinion of the work, and for those reasons, I give people the disclaimer that I, for one, would take what they say with a healthy pinch of salt. Without a doubt, their approach to poly is not my approach to poly.

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